Our students received the “Health, Safety and environment training programme” at SF2I. This training, mainly focusing on Industrial Risks (level 1), is intended for anyone involved in the industrial world, more specifically in the oil and gas industry. Industry that requires an essential Health Security and Environment knowledge. Practical workshop has been done on: accidents at work, work-at-height, first aid, extinguishing fire … A way to educate our engineers on the preventive behavior to adopt and the rules to follow to avoid any incident or accident in the industrial environment.

We had the privilege to end the technical English training session for our students, with the exceptional presence of Mrs. Victoria Billing, Ambassador of Great Britain in Senegal and Mr. Alex Lambert, Country director at the British Council. A presentation followed by an exchange on “the challenges of the oil and gas industry in Senegal as well as an exchange on the climate change”, a very exciting moment for our students. A great opportunity for them to show how the training was valuable for them, both in the development of their language skills but also to build their knowledge in Soft skills.ésence de Mme Victoria Billing, Ambassadeur de la Grande-Bretagne au Sénégal et de Mr Alex Lambert, Directeur pays du British Council. Une session de présentation et d’échanges portant sur « les opportunités et challenges de l’industrie du pétrole et du gaz au Sénégal ainsi que le changement climatique », très enrichissante pour nos étudiants. Une opportunité pour eux de démontrer à quel point cette formation leur a été bénéfique tant dans la pratique de la langue que dans l’acquisition de nouveaux soft skills.