Mr. Djamel ZERARI, Managing Director of Halliburton Senegal, met with the students of the 2nd class of the Specialised Master's degree in order to exchange with them on the challenges of digitalisation in the oil industry. It was also an opportunity for Halliburton experts to present the integration of these new cutting-edge technologies in their measurement tools and the interpretation of "Big Data".

Mr Arnaud BERTHET, Managing Director of Total E&P Senegal, visited us as part of the series of meetings organised with oil and gas industry companies within INPG. An occasion during which Mr. BERTHET was able to interact with the students on energy transition and its impacts in the oil industry, particularly within the Total group. 

Mr. David GRISLAIN, Managing Director of Woodside Senegal visited the 2nd class of students of the Specialised Master in oil and gas to present the Sangomar project in which the company operates in Senegal. He also presented the company's prospects in Senegal and the opportunities to be seized.ème promotion du Mastère Spécialisé en Ingénierie Pétrolière afin de leur présenter le projet Sangomar dans lequel la compagnie opère au Sénégal. Il a également exposé les perspectives de la compagnie au Sénégal et des opportunités à saisir. 

Our engineers of the 2nd class of the Specialised Master in Oil and Gas Engineering visited Petrosen E&P as part of the immersion programme within the oil and gas industry in Senegal. An opportunity for them to be confronted with the realities of the industry and to better understand their role in the development of our country's oil and gas projects.ème promotion du Mastère Spécialisé en Ingénierie Pétrolière et gazière ont visité Petrosen E&P dans le cadre du programme d’immersion au sein de l’industrie pétrolière et gazière au Sénégal.  Une façon pour eux de se confronter aux réalités de l’industrie afin de mieux appréhender leur rôle dans le développement des projets pétro-gaziers de notre pays. 

Thank you to the Petrosen E&P teams who welcomed us and who made this visit a very rich moment of sharing.